Istria Youth Cup Tournament Rules

S.L. Benfica GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Rangers F.C. SK Slavia Praha
Udinese Calcio Red Bull Football Academy
L.A. Galaxy Arsenal FC

The format of the Tournament will be two groups of four Teams, where the Teams will play round-robin within their pool.

This will be followed by finals day where:
1st / 2nd Place:
– The winners of group A will play winners of group B
3rd / 4th Place:
– Runner up of group A will play runner up of group B
5th / 6th place:
– 3rd placed team in group A will play 3rd placed team in group B
7th / 8th place:
– 4th placed team in group A will play 4th placed team in group B

The tournament shall be played in a league system (addition of points); each team playing one match against each of the other teams; with three points for a win, one point for a draw and no point for a loss.

Should two or more Teams have the same number of points after the group-matches, the final group classification will be determined through the following criteria in the given order:

a) If two Teams have the same points, the better placed one will be:
1 – The higher number of points obtained in matches played among the Teams in question;
2 – The one with the superior goal difference from all group matches;
3 – The one with more goals scored in all group matches;
4 – The one defined by draw made by the representatives of the Organization.

b) If more than two Teams have the same points, the better placed one will be:
1 – The one with the superior goal difference in all group matches;
2 – The one with more goals scored in all group matches;
3 – The one defined by draw made by the representatives of the Organization.
2.1 All matches are played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the game. The group matches will be played in two parts of 35 minutes, separated by an interval of 15 minutes and placement matches will be played in two parts of 40 minutes, separated by an interval of 15 minutes

Day 1 (Oct. 7): Arrival of Teams
Day 2 (Oct. 8): Group matches: MD 1
Day 3 (Oct. 9): Group matches: MD 2
Day 4 (Oct. 10): Group matches: MD 3
Day 5 (Oct. 11): Position matches: 5/6 place and 7/8 place
Day 6 (Oct. 12): Position matches: 1/2 place and 3/4 place

Game schedule:

8th October 2019
9th October 2019
10th October 2019

Friday, 11th October 2019
4th int he group A – 4th int he group B
3rd in the group A – 3rd in the group B

Saturday, 12th October 2019
2nd in the group A – 2nd in the group B
1st in the group A – 1st in the group B

Each Team will be composed of a maximum of 20 players.

The list of the participating players, containing name, date of birth, and shirt number used by them during the tournament, will be handed over to the Control and Disciplinary Committee at the Team Meeting.

In case of proven injury or other extenuating circumstances, all Teams may replace players during the tournament, as long as the above committee is properly informed and accepts the reasons presented.

In each match, each Team is allowed to use 9 substitutes. The substituted player is not allowed to re-enter the field.

Only 3 stops of play will be allowed in the second half per team for substitutions. Players substituted in the first half and in the half time will not count in 3 stops of play in the second half.

A player who has been sent off by the referee may not be substituted.

All the Team officials and substitute players are allowed to sit on the substitute bench.

There will be additional places for technical staff supporting the Team during the match. These additional seats will be situated just outside the technical area. Their names and functions will be detailed on the Team sheet, or listed on a separate sheet submitted along with the Team sheet.

Every participating Team must bring their 1st and 2nd choice playing kit. Colors for each match will be decided at the initial Team meeting.

Croatian Football Federation is responsible for appointing referees and referee assistants. A referee observer can be appointed by the UEFA or host association in order to supervise the referees and conduct a post-match analysis meeting.


The Committee will comprise of the heads of delegation from the participating teams. The committee will deal with all disciplinary matters during the tournament, in accordance with FIFA Laws of the game.

The Committee will be convened by the Tournament Director.

The Committee will deal with protests, disciplinary measures and other matters concerning the tournament which are not covered in these regulations.

Members of the committee may not take part in the settlement of matters relating to their own Team.

There will be a record of proceedings for all meetings, and a copy will be distributed to all members.

The committee may appoint match observers if it is considered necessary.

Protests regarding the validity of any match will be made orally to the Tournament Director no later than two hours after the end of the match, and written confirmation must be delivered before 11pm on the same day.

The protest will be considered promptly and decisions taken are final and binding.

In case of direct expulsion or expulsion caused by two yellow cards in the same match, a player cannot take part in the following match.

Yellow cards shown do not accumulate for the following matches.

Therefore, the player is suspended for the next match, ONLY if the cards (2 yellow or 1 red) are showed in the SAME MATCH.

This applies for group matches and classification matches.

After the match, the referee will deliver a report directly to the Control and Disciplinary Committee, containing information regarding expulsions, cautions, or other organization facts.

An initial Team meeting will be held with two representatives from each participating team, including the Head of Delegation. Attending representatives will bring Players Kit (1st and 2nd choice), Players List and passports.

13.1. Matches can be played on both surfaces (natural and artificial).

13.2. Venues will be selected to ensure that travelling time does not exceed one hour bus drive from the hotel.

13.3. The exchange of small gifts (if any) between players and Team officials will be allowed before or after the match.

13.5. The tournament organizers will prepare an official lunch/dinner for the representatives of all the participating Teams during the tournament.

Each participating Team is responsible for its own insurance coverage.

15.1. Responsibilities – tournament orginizers

Security: The tournament orginzers will be responsible for order and security before, during and after the match.

Accommodation: The tournament orginizers will be responsible for co -ordination and organization of accommodation for the participating teams.

Should there be a visiting Team travelling by air, the tournament orginizers , will assist the Team with the organization of a bus.

Meals: The tournament organizers will be responsible for organizing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the participating associations.

DVD: The tournament orginizers will film each match of the tournament and provide a DVD copy to participating Teams

15.2. Responsibilities – Participating Teams

Visas: The participating Association will be responsible for
Identifying any representative who requires a visa to travel to a certain country and for taking all necessary steps in good time to obtain such a visa.

As stated in the invitation the tournament is responsible:
– Full board accommodation for 20 players (twin share)
– Full board accommodation for 5 staff members
– Training pitch
– Match organization related costs
– DVD of the match
– Doctor during the matches
– Match kit laundry service
– Sufficient water for the Teams
– Official dinner/lunch
– Administration

Address: Terre 2, 52466, Novigrad
Phone: 00385 52 858 600

Any alteration to this regulation can only be done with the consent of the Control and Disciplinary Committee.